Join Us at Oddsock

We're a small team of doers, thinkers, and dreamers. We’re looking for people who will work hard, but also make time for play and fun.

We currently have 2 openings.
• 2d Artist
Minimum Requirements
  • A degree, diploma, or course in the related field of Game art
  • Portfolio is arguably the most important aspect of your application. It
    should showcase your creativity as a 2D artist. Should include
    character designs, and environment art. Quality over quantity so only
    include your best work.
  • Strong artistic skills are essential. This includes a solid understanding
    of fundamental art principles such as composition, color theory,
    anatomy, and perspective.
  • While not always required, a basic understanding of game design
    principles can be advantageous. This includes knowledge of gameplay
    mechanics, user experience, and how art contributes to the overall
    player experience.
Extra Points
  • A diverse portfolio with processes that highlight your true potential
  • Strong understanding of anatomy
  • 3D knowledge e.g. blender to assist with concept art
• Business Developer
Your art squad

Gamers’ heaven, thy name is Oddsock. We’re a tight-knit yet tenacious crew, adept in a range of art styles, offering concept art, 2D game assets and illustrations! We strive to set high scores and win hearts because victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog!