Join Us at Oddsock

We're a small team of doers, thinkers, and dreamers. We’re looking for people who will work hard, but also make time for play and fun.

We currently have 2 openings.
• 2d Artist
• Business Developer

Be warned, potential crew mate- there’s a ton of things you’ll be entrusted with for this position.
-You must have a four year bachelor's degree in business studies coupled with 1-2 years of work experience in a related field i.e. Business Development or Sales or a Master's degree in Business Studies.
-You’re going to need to adapt on the fly to keep your bearings at sea
-You’re also going to have to read a lot; if you’re not a bookworm already, you’ll definitely be one after some time with us.
-And hand in hand with this reading will be all the research to find potential clients to convince them to hop on board-
better brush up on your grammar now!
-You’ll also need to learn how to project big (and right, for our company) through a tiny screen because after all, image is everything.
-Your debating skills will be put through the wringer- you'll have to prove every argument you make, so confidence is key
-Hmm, what else… Oh, yes! Writing! Believe it or not, that’s going to be, by far, the biggest part of your job. You’re going
to need to write compelling emails and messages, create marketing and promotional content, and much more, so buckle up!

Your Potential Takeaways
This ship is in a constant state of give and take, so don’t worry- you’ll be getting something out of this too!
-Making bonds for life, both with the rest of our crew and possible clients
-Learning to become an influencer of thoughts rivaling Machiavelli 
-Learning how to really listen 
-And also how to personalize and strengthen content
-Technical skills with 2D and 3D art and all the software associated with it (heard of that newfangled Photoshop
before? Great, because it’s about to become your closest friend).

I haven’t scared you off yet, have I? Wonderful! It’s time for you to prove to us why you deserve a place on this tight
crew. May the winds be in your favor, potential shipmate!.

Your art squad

Gamers’ heaven, thy name is Oddsock. We’re a tight-knit yet tenacious crew, adept in a range of art styles, offering concept art, 2D game assets and illustrations! We strive to set high scores and win hearts because victory is a thousand times sweeter when you’re the underdog!